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Advanced Analytics

Full Control Over Data Access Using Roles

ParaStack engines integrate deeply with your Amazon AIM roles and enables you to enforce your desired data access configuration down to the file and table levels. You can add and remove your access rules on the fly and ensure they are enforced immediately.
Isolated network

Isolated Network

Your ParaStack engines are provisioned inside an automatically created private network within your own cloud to add an extra layer of security. This also means that you can easily connect your on-prem infrastructure and ParaStack engines, using an encrypted IPsec VPN.

At-Rest Data Encryption

Integrating with Amazon Key Management Service (KMS), you can encrypt all your data at rest with your keys secured using Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Transitioning Data Encryption

Your authenticated connection from your browser to your engines are fully encrypted with industry standard SSL/TLS.

Automatic Data Sources Authentication

ParaStack engines automatically authenticates to your cloud resources using AWS Instance role and access level.

Get started within minutes

ParaStack engines of any size can be deployed, managed, scaled and fully monitored with just a few clicks or API calls – and, with all your necessary security settings. ParaStack connects to your cloud account to create and configure a dedicated private network, integrating with your internal and external data files and services.
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End-To-End Management

ParaSpark doesn’t just address deployment. Our solution will address the full life cycle management of a massively scalable data warehousing solution. All monitoring and scaling is taken care of, so you can minimize your time spent on management and focus on what you want to do with your data.

Fault Tolerant

Every component of your data warehousing solution is continuously monitored to ensure reliability. Any failures are automatically detected and handled, so your uptime is continuous and guaranteed.

Fully Interactive Control Panel

With our user-friendly, interactive control panel, you can intuitively and proactively manage your data warehousing solution components such as engines, projects and notebooks with a single pane of glass. This is revolutionary!
Sparked Up


Spark can scale to thousands of servers and ParaStack engines bring you this scalability seamlessly.
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When built and tuned properly, Spark runs up to 100 times faster than a Hadoop system. In addition, ParaStack effortlessly, gives you out of the box maximum performance by automatically tuning all elements of your spark cluster.


Spark empower you to combine multiple uses, including, supporting SQL, offering graph analytics and machine learning. Best of all, it enables you to combine those analytics effort together in a unified way and run as a single job.
More For Less

Multi-Instances Support Helps You Save Big

ParaStack runs optimized pricing strategy based on your engine size, location and other factors. Instead of using a single instance type in AWS, ParaStack automatically finds the best combination of different instance types to result into the minimized cost. It then manages all of the bidding and failures associated with your bids to keep your operation costs low. The savings are often as high as 92% on your Amazon cloud bill, without compromising on availability.

No Upfront Investment

ParaStack offers a complete data warehousing solution with no upfront costs, unlike a homemade solution that requires significant upfront time and money investment.
Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning

ParaStack engines let you mine valuable insight from your data with machine learning. You can use scikit for smaller data or Mlib for massive data set to apply machine learning to your own dataset. And the best part is, you don’t need to have advanced math skills or spend hours setting up and tuning machine learning pipelines.
Machine learning
More than 320 Advanced Analytics Libraries

More than 320 Advanced Analytics Libraries

Use more than 320 built-in, ready-to-go, free open source data science libraries in ParaSpark and never reinvent the wheel. All libraries are setup with proper versioning and dependency and ready to be utilized.